The Goldenview

Above all, the intimate home setting and highly trained staff of Goldenview Living are what truly sets us apart from other alternative living options.

Our Intimate Home Setting Allows For

  • High staff : resident ratio that allows for specialized care and acute focus on our residents
  • Private bedrooms that help promote the feeling of independence
  • The ability to provide home-cooked meals that meet our resident’s taste and dietary preferences
  • Personalized activities through our Goldentouch® program
  • Residents to feel “at home” instead of institutionalized

Our Highly Trained Staff

  • Is continually trained and educated in the latest effective dementia care techniques
  • Includes a Certified Dementia Practitioner that ensures memory care is tailored specifically for your loved one
  • Is composed of caring and qualified professionals that work together to ensure all of your loved one’s needs are being met
  • Is available to families for ongoing support
  • Ensures resident’s feel “at home” by creating a warm and comfortable environment